Our marketing strategy is designed to lead in global markets with mass-appeal sunglasses and accessories for all your requirements.

1981 KINDAVID was created by Kindavid Corporation, with the aim of serving

the Global sunglasses market, with a creative, quality, and dynamic product range, with a motivated workforce delivering to the customer a rapid on time delivery from concept, design to distribution and sales.

Since 1981, KINDAVID CORPORATION has successfully fulfilled the role of manufacturer and exporter of glasses & accessories through a series of integration and strategic alliances. Factories both in Taiwan and Mainland China have empowered us to expand our customers’ market shares and growth of profit. With over 30 years of experience, we have grown to become one of the leading companies in our field with a partnership network that covers marketing areas throughout the

2011 CAFA

From the very commencement of Our Company’s activities we have been constantly seeking new and innovative product solutions that will not only meet the needs of a successful business with our partners across the world, but importantly the daily wants of each customer – An Individual who wishes to make a point of his personality and difference.

Over the years CAFA Corporation has come to understand that a single person is able to make their world, in their quest for personal growth but there is no single formula that defines the path to personal success – we all have different goals and priorities, which mean that different activities and attitudes will make us feel good about ourselves.

Nearing the year of 2013 we have transformed our Company’s vision and have committed ourselves to Profile Creation for the Individual.

Our Company’s History and Continual Self-Education enabled us to move down the path of success from the Concept of “Market World” to the Concept of “Market Maker”.

It is this success that has led CAFA Corporation’s Philosophy to a new format and approach to Business and the following concepts –

We create for the Person who creates their World

We care about fashion for the Person

We carefully fashion the Person

CAFA = Care and Fashion

Our Product

Our marketing strategy is designed to lead in global markets with mass-appeal sunglasses and accessories for all your requirements. The product concept is based on an 8 market product sector range for your one stop shopping requirement.

Sports:- Light weight quality design for all sports needs
Goggles:- Goggles for snow, cycle and motorcycle activities
e-Cool :- e-cool range of fashion glasses
Mini Eyes: – Supper cool, supper safe sun protectors for children
Readers :- Optical glasses for reading
Eyetech : Safety glasses range for maximum eye protection
Party line:- Fun crazy glasses
Accessories:- Cases, chains, straps, display stands and more

Our Customers

We have an excellent reputation worldwide, with “Branded market leaders” from Russia, Europe, USA, and Japan; we have a full global integrated business, with all point of sale outlets, from department and chain stores, specialized sports, fashion, and gift stores. We can cater for all your promotional needs, and through good co-operation in all economic conditions we can help our trading partners to achieve prosperity, for a good reputation for quality products and service

Our Invitation

Our online catalogue shows a part of our vast available collection, highlight the icon of the required category and check our range. Our sales teams are here to help and welcome e-mail, fax or phone enquiries.

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